We will keep on update on all these outlooks. 

Scap Mesh CropTop
Hi Denim Short
Clear Pink Shopper
Cappy Blue Top
Kim Red Leather Pencil Skirt
Celine WoolBlend Clutch
Growing Summer White Mesh CropTop (F)
Lime Linen High Waist Shorts
Vivi Bag
Opin SS Dress (S/M)
Happy Necklace
Brit Blue Mini Bag
Sweet Bracelet
Snoopy Dress RM160. (S/M)
Happy Pearl Necklace RM95.
Brit Blue Mini Bag RM240.
3/4 Beige Top (F).
Victor Pant Skirt (S/M)
Kool Blue Outer. (F)
Hibiscus Short Sleeve Dress. (S/M)
Needy Short Sleeve Dress. (S/M)
Key Maroon Long Sleeve Top. (F)
Seal Loose Cut Pant. (F)
Saro Silk Handmade Purse
Shield Long Sleeve Sheer Top RM110 (F)
BBB Black Tights. (F)
Andy Long Sleeve Dress RM150 (S/M).
Saro Handmade Purse RM230.
Marilyn Long Sleeve Dress. (S/M)
Gaby Wool Blend Grey Dress. (S)
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